Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first necklace

I finally found the right wire to make this necklace! I bought the wrong stuff first- but I love how it turned out! Target has come out with this line of necklaces all using the same wire style and I love it!

Ghostly goodies

I got this idea from Alicia- it's actually the underwear packaging from Nico's new underwear! I stuffed them with bon bons for Nico's two teachers.....what a great idea Alicia! Thanks!

Our carved pumpkins!

We rushed home so we could carve our pumpkins tonight. ON the left is Nico's pumpkin. He was going for scary. On the right is G's. SHe was going for "oh mama" as she explained it. SO...there you have it! Our pumpkins. Pretty cool how they look orange with the candlelight when they are really white ghost pumpkins!

Another mug!!

It has been a great Starbucks mug week! First, Reuben brings home Qatar (pronounced Cuttah) and an extra UAE mug, then Kelly mails me Alaska and now Switzerland comes home with Reuben last night!! One of his co-workers went on a side trip from Dubai to Switzerland for the weekend just to use some miles and brought this beauty home! I was so excited!! Now I need to figure a new place to start storing all these mugs. The collection is getting quite large!

Starbucks mug of the day: Switzerland of course!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wii mania has hit our house!

The Wii has hit our house! This is an amazing game I tell you! We picked one up last night-before all the mad Christmas rush started. Apparently it's more popular than we thought because the first store had none and the second place we went to had maybe five under lock and key! It's a very easy set up- red, yellow, and white cable cords plugged in to the front of the tv. We picked up a couple extra theme games, Mario, Superman, and Donkey Kong. G and Nico did the boxing all day...fighting each other and working up a good sweat! woo hoo!! activity points! (That's the real reason I got it! Now they can stay active while doing one of the things Nico loves best- playing video games!)

Starbucks mug of the day: Alaska

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Three new mugs to share! Dh brought home another UAE mug as well as a Qatar mug. And then on the same day I check the mail and in my mailbox is a Starbucks mug from Alaska!! :banana: Thanks Kelly!! No wonder your name is such a popular name! :evil6: How cool is that! My collection is growing by leaps and bounds! So I am sipping my coffee out of my brand new Alaska frontier mug. It's a great day!!

Starbucks mug of the day: Alaska!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

the cool air....

The moon is so bright and clear this morning. It's amazing to have a room brightened by the light of the moon. Okay so I know it's really the sun bouncing off of the moon that is causing the light but still! We drove to school yesterday with the moon "chasing us". It was great. A cold front has come in and put a slight chill on the town. I love getting to wear my longsleeve stuff for a little bit! Reuben will so enjoy this weather when he gets home! Poor thing has been in the desert the last two weeks!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

a fall beer......

I ran by Kroger to get some bread for our duck feeding adventure and found this in the beer aisle.I always run by to see on the off chance if they carry the Double Chocolate Stout that I so love. It's sometimes on the shelf come Christmas time. I happen to see this one! If you are a beer fan at all you need to try this beer! Wow. it's good! Smooth with a hint of pumpkin at the end. It's a perfect fall beer. It's like I don't even hear the crashes and screams in the other side of the house! lol

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ugh.....ugh.... ugh.....

Being sick sucks.....being sick on your birthday double sucks!! Middle of the night I wake up to a lovely feeling in my stomach. sure enough...I got what G had Saturday. Luckily it seems to be a one day thing and not as bad as some of the other kids at school (and teachers) have had. This is odd being home and being the one sick! for the last four years I have been home with sick kids...but not me. Now I guess it's my turn.

Starbucks mug of the day: England