Saturday, September 27, 2008

Houston!! We have Power!!

Power was restored to our block Friday afternoon! Finally!!! Now I am furiously washing clothes in the machine (by hand sucks but I did it every day so I only have some towels to do!) and scooba is busily cleaning the floors! Thankfully we did not lose a single fish. My hand scooping water into the tank saved them! That and the generator that Reuben found four or five days in to the darkness. We were able to run it at night and be moderately comfortable! SO....back to normalcy for us. Now to finish filtering the pool so we can see the bottom.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend....

Nico's first day of First grade.

and oh what an update. Besides watching the hurricane to see where he'll go we've been busy around here. Reuben got home from Louisiana just in time.... Literally hours before the feeder bands kicked in. G lost a tooth. Nico lost a tooth (okay so his was a little earlier in the week). And I have been getting a bunch of seniors ready to take another round of the TAKS test. woo hoo....busy times~

G missing a tooth.

Nico's missing front tooth!