Saturday, June 30, 2007


We went to see this movie today and it was a hit! Nico and G were both totally into it though we started getting nervous the last twenty minutes! All of a sudden in true fashion both had to go to the bathroom. Luckily they were able to hold it but Nicolas was holding himself and running to the restroom. But they really enjoyed the movie. G kept repeating lines she really liked and Nicolas would jump out of his seat on the chase scenes. It was a great movie!

Starbucks mug of the day: Paris.

Two layouts I finished yesterday.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My reds

Red sunflowers are so unusual and a rarity! I planted these about a month ago and one stalk came up..all the flowers are offshoots of the one stalk! it's about 6 feet tall and needs to be propped up. I am hoping to get the seeds off these blooms and start some more- if I can beat the bugs!


The usual routine for me in the summer is mass cleaning/purging. Then is the time when I can go thorugh the old clothes, sort piles for goodwill or the trash, determine what toys are broken, old, or just no longer age appropriate. This summer I just never got into my groove. Well all that fixed today! I turned my 24 disc on and went to town int he toy room, organizing, sorting, chunking, rearranging. A tornado went through there and wow what a difference! We will see how long it stays that way! I worked under scrutinous eyes. (lol is that even a word?) Yesterday we did the stuffed animals. I took all of them into the kitchen, laid them out on teh floor and then asked N and G to pick out the ones they wanted to keep. I pulled a couple out that had sentimental value to me and the rest went into a kitchen garbage bag. strike that---two bags! Today was all the toys....gone are the cheesy little sonic toys that last about ten minutes. Gone are the monster trucks with only one or two wheels. Gone are the headless plastic people that came from god knows where! What a difference! Now I need a shower! Tomorrow- the kid's rooms. Pray for me!

Starbucks mugs of the day- Paris

Friday, June 22, 2007

From the wedding

We went to a wedding last weekend in's about 2 hours from Houston. It was great seeing family again. Reuben's cousins were there and so were both sisters. Benjamin and Nicolas enjoyed themselves the most. I think the sweat should give that away! G enjoyed going back and forth between time with the baby and time running after the boys!

A red sunflower has bloomed

I have been waiting for my red sunflowers to start to bloom and finally one has! this stalk is probably about six feet tall and has at least 10 buds on it. It's such a beautiful variant of the sunflower! I wish I could grow a whole field of the reds!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

okay so I am behind....

But I am frantically catching up. I have just started watching the first season of 24. Actually as I type this post I am on the last 30 minutes of season one and all I can say is wow! This is one intense show! I would go nuts watching it on a weekly basis because I want to know what's going to happen next. I have never been much of a Kiefer Sutherland fan- it stems from his father. Donald Sutherland just freaks me out! Anywho I have seasons 2-5 on Netflix so I am set for the summer!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I have failed

I have failed. I have failed as the mother of a female child. Why do you ask? when given the choice of playing with nasty slimy snails or eating fresh baked extra chocolate-y brownies what do you think my female child chose? you guessed it. the snails.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Art of the day

Today's art is sun being chased by storm clouds. Her art is progressing nicely! we can actually decipher the sun and the storm clouds! I emptied out my closet of all my 8*5 cardstock and she is having a ball making all sorts of creations.

Starbucks mug of the day: Houston!

Friday, June 15, 2007

and with the rain.....

and with the rain come frogs. lots of them. small gross little tiny frogs. Why are they gross you ask? besides the fact that they are everywhere and get into the dog's water bowl and like to swim in the pool - take a moment to notice the color of the frog. Then look at the color of the concrete. See what I mean? of course you can't tell from this picture that the frog is the color of a horsefly. And when do we generally discover a frog is in our path? right about after we've stepped on it- barefoot. :gag:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Swim machines

Well we bought kickboards and goggles today. Figured they might as well start doing it right! lol G loves her "gobbles" and Nico is loving the kickboard. Of course as you can tell by the photos he thinks it's really a surfboard!

Starbucks mug of the day: Philadelphia

It's good to be home!!

After a great weekend with the BIL, SIL, and Dn's everyone had to get up early yesterday because I had to go to work. Curriculum writing. Needless to say Giuliana was not impressed one bit. Actually she was mad. lol My "work" took all of ten minutes and then I was killing time until 3:30 so that I Could get the full day's pay (100dollars). But we finished in record time so I had no reason to go back for the next three day. Thank God!!! So here I am, at my little scrap table, sippin' my coffee and breathing a large sigh of relief. One baby onthe couch watching Power Rangers, the other in the pack and play in my room all crashed out. Why in the Pack n Play you ask? Isn't she almost four you remind me? Well yeah. Apparently she was quite fascinated with it when baby Christian slept there Sunday night!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

My layout for today

This is my cover of my book of me. It's a little 9x9 album of layouts of things I like that just don't quite fit in the family album!

Starbucks mug of the day: Paris.

broken beauty

I made these three butterflies a couple years ago. I love that as the dragonflies have weathered the layers of particle wood have separated almost making the dragonflies look as if they are in flight!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer time!!

Nothing screams summer like fresh cherries!! And at 3.99 a pound! I picked up a pound today at Kroger's. I love fresh cherries more than any other fruit in the world! Be still my beating heart! Starbucks mug of the day: United Arab Emirates.

my jeep!

I scrapped my jeep...of course I forgot a word in my journaling and I'm not going back to fix it!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day four of summer vacation....

Summer vacation so far====well we started it out with G getting sick with strep. (possibly) I say possibly because the ER nurse did not do a strep test so its not confirmed that she actually had strep. Then a week later Nicolas starts getting the same thing- fevers every six hours,basically when the motrin ran out. We pretty much went through an entire jumbo bottle of motrin in two weeks between both kids. Add to that my chest cold and sinus infections that were a good two weeks long and now my pink eye. Sheesh! when will my summer of rest begin? Oh yeah, and my throat has been scratchy since yesterday. I looked on WebMD- not a symptom of strep. SO I'll just keep popping the vitamin C tablets and think positive! At least I have already lost 4 pounds of my twenty pound goal for this summer. So that's something, right?

Starbucks mug of the day: Paris!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

G has discovered Baseball hats

G has discovered baseball hats- or maybe she's realizedshe doesn't want the sun in her face in the jeep! lol She wears these when she rides. I just thought this was a great shot of her personality!

Starbucks mug of the day: England.

Summer is here!

And the sunflowers are starting to blossom. G and I planted three packs of seeds, some giants, some reds,and some standards. We went back last weekend and bought some more seeds to plant on the fence line. We both love sunflowers. These are a few of the first ones. The top photo is a larger variety- this stalk is probably about 6 feet tall. The second and third are smaller flowers, maybe 2 feet tall each.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Flips flopped

So I make G these cute little flip flops. She hands me balloons, tells me what she wants where. Get them all done and she tries them on and walks around. One balloon touches the ground. one. She then decides she doesn't want the balloons on anymore. I had to cut all of them off. The flip flops flopped. :(

Starbucks mug of the day: England.