Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just a girl in a dress

I have this quote in my mind for a layout I want to do of G...a progression of pics of her in dresses from birth until her wedding dress. here's another one- one that my mother made for her. With a matching purse at that!

G got a haircut!

After four years she finally decided it was okay to get a haircut. (plus she finally had enough hair for an actual reason to cut it!) She sat in the chair and made silly faces. But she loved all the attention- that was for sure!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Buh bye soccer.......

we quit soccer yesterday. two game days in a row where he throws a fit and cries and doesn't want to play the field. I had to coax him last week to play goalie and then he went on the field and had a good time. I don't know if something is scaring him or making him nervous or he just doesn't want to play. G on the other hand is desparate to get on the field! SHe wants to play! I am frustrated about it too. This is the second sport we've signed up for that he's changed his mind and didn't like. I guess he's going to be like me and not interested in group sports..or sports in general. I want to get him active in one sport. I don't care what...just something to get the blood pumping. He likes to swim but I don't think he'd do swim team. He loved soccer practice but he doesn't like the games...doesn't like sitting out and the won't play when it's his turn. oh well. It's more my disappointment than his. I just don't want him turning into this overweight teenage kid who runs up to his room and plays video games all night online... well at least he won't have a computer in his room. so there!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am seriously slacking.....

I am seriously slacking on the blog here and I know it! But I wanted to put up some pics from last week's soccer game. We started the game with Nicolas on the side- There were just too many players obviously for everyone to play. Nicolas was so upset that he couldn't play that he refused to play second quarter. ugh. Well, I informed him that he would be playing next quarter and he could choose goalie or field. He chose with much intrepidation, to play goalie and I sat by the goal cheering him on. He did great and got his nerve back up and played the field last quarter and had a blast. Oh the sensitivity of these little boys and their hurt feelings...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I altered a tin

for a friend at work. Her husband is about to go on a work trip for an extended time, one of the rare times in their lengthy marriage. I had fun making it. Can't you just see the love in the pictures!

Starbucks mug of the day: England


I swear I hate chemistry!!! for they last two weeks I have been dealing with the chemistry in the blasted fish tank. We had nitrates that are supposed to be around 20-40 in the 200s and there was chlorine. FInally we figured it out or at least neutralized everything and voila! Hopefully these new mollies will survive! they are our test fish so to say as they are coming from perfect waters to my tank! yikes...cross your fingers will ya?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We have a soccer boy!!!

Soccer practice started today and every single photo came out blurry!! lol why you ask? He was totally involved in the game!!! Apparently he really likes soccer!! He played for an hour, with about 40 minutes of drills and a quick ten minute game at the end and just talked and talked the whole way home about how exciting it was!!